We are one of the fastest growing Importer & Exporter of commodities, equipments, machineries and metal scrap of all kind throughout India.

On its road to growth and expansion, the Group is also conscious about its responsibility towards environment and social development. Eco-efficiency is a matter of principle.


We at Mahen Infra committed to ensuring that all our infrastructures are built with the customer's satisfaction in mind.

Starting from our insistence on quality materials, to craftsmanship, to innovation and service our priority is to produce quality solution for customer a work that they will be proud of.

Joint Venture

Our expertise, brand value and reputation for fair dealings has always left our joint venture partners happy. We always lookout for land to offer owners to develop their property.

Why Mahen Infra

Over a decade, the company is armed with metaphors that describe the robust relationship with its clients, quality standards & Just-In-Time completion.